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Lacie Harmon, federal employee retirement and benefits specialist

Take control
of your federal benefits and

Let me show you how.


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What Lacie Specializes in:

Federal Retirement

Income Estimation

Federal Retirement Application  Completion

Completion of Federal Forms

TSP Rollover

Federal Employee


Hammock Relaxing

Working years are for what you have to do. Retirement is for what you want to do.

"As a career civil servant of many decades, and an astrophysicist, I should have had no fear of the retirement process, but when the time came, I felt lost among the many options and forms. All of this ended once I met Lacie Harmon. Working with her on my retirement plans was a very pleasant experience, and I intend to continue working with her as my financial assets grow."

- Yvonne Pendleton,
NASA retiree 

"Lacie Harmon is the best advisor I’ve ever met. She makes you feel secure and confident in your decisions"

- Manuel C., USPS Retiree,
Panorama City, CA

“I had to change my beneficiaries after I divorced last year and Lacie filled in all my paperwork at no charge. I’m recommending to everyone.”

- Nancy D., USPS, 
Los Angeles, CA

“Most of us aren’t knowledgeable about our benefits. Thank God there’s someone to assist us.”

- Lorry A., USPS, 
Long Beach, CA

"My husband and I have been working with Lacie Harmon for several years.

Her thoughtful advice demonstrates a shrewd and deep knowledge of Federal retirement benefits. I could not be happier with the guidance she has provided over the years.

I wholeheartedly recommend consulting with Lacie Harmon to anyone seeking to boost their retirement options and earnings."

- Cory O'Meara,
Wife of VA employee

“I found the information and explanations very helpful and I feel confident about my retirement. I greatly appreciate Lacie’s assistance.”

- Ken O. USPS,
San Gabriel, CA

“The meeting with Lacie was refreshing, calming and enlightening. So grateful.”

- Marsha M., USPS, 
Monrovia, CA

“Very informative and proactive. Really went the extra mile.” 

- Chris G., USPS, 
Los Angeles, CA

"Lacie, thanks so much for all that you do to help civil servant retirees get their act together as they move into retirement. I really appreciate all that you have done for me."

- James Green

Retired Chief Scientist, NASA

“I was about to pay $200 for someone to help me fill in my Blue Book but a friend recommended Lacie at the Federal Benefits Group. She came over, answered all my questions and filled it in for me at no cost. Highly recommend.”

- Joan S. USPS,
Pearblossom, CA

“They walked me through every step of buying back my military time and made it easy for me. Can’t thank you enough.”

- Sonny P., USPS Retiree, 
Arcadia, CA

People who work with Lacie:

People who need

help with their

retirement paperwork

People who 

don't know 

when they want 

to retire

People who need

help understanding

their benefits.

People who want

to save money on 

their life insurance

People who want to maximize their

retirement income

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